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Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
It will be something that your ISP uses that is lacking in electricity. In England that would be the exchange or maybe the roadside box. It surprises me that they don't have some sort of UPS system.
My thought exactly--it's pretty much the same here in the US. I was going to mention the possibility of a roadside box running off the same electric line to Gary last night but didn't want to pack too much into a text message.

Another possibility that came to mind at Gary's mention of the outages being seemingly unrelated to weather: possibly farther down the line, the cable lines go above ground, traveling along with the power lines. They could, therefore, be readily knocked out together.

Or a combination of the two could be the case: perhaps the power is often knocked out farther down (in this case, since it had been raining all day but the storm had moved on by the outage, maybe it hit lines farther down in Gary's curcuit). That then could have taken out one of the cable company's boxes.

Gary, I'd suggest calling your ISP and asking them about the internet outages. Tell them that despite your having UPS protection on your router, modem, and computer (best not to complicate things too much for them ), the internet goes out whenever there's a power outage. Perhaps they'll know right off the bat whether there's something further down that depends on the power lines. It could be a roadside box, or possibly even some kind of transfer box at the entry point to your house--the latter case in which you'll want to ask them "how can I put a UPS on that too?"
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