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One more thing, although the test results are from LLR, I have finally been able to build and run phrot on a Core 2 Duo.

phrot is about 33% faster than LLR for bases that are not powers of 2. LLR is still king (by a long shot) for bases that are powers of 2. phrot can produce residues that are compatible with LLR, so PRP tests with phrot are valid. I have run a number of tests and have verified that it is running correctly. I'm switching over to it as I write this.

BTW, I haven't tested this on a P4, but I think it would have similar results. If anyone needs help setting it up, let me know. BTW, I have made a couple of changes to Phil's latest version of phrot that might be useful to anyone choosing to go that route.
just for info: using phil's last version on base 6 (anonymous: it's a fast test, gary have all residues to compare with the llrnet output), i have timings up to 2,8 times faster (processor: centrino duo, same test, one core with llr one with phrot)

phrot seems extremely fast with amd and "old fashioned" intel ... (or more precisely, LLR sucks with these processors)

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