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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
I have found that compiler options vary depending upon the OS and version of gcc. I built the one I'm using with gcc 4 on MacIntel. I have also built with gcc 3.3 under Cygwin, but haven't timed that build. The compiler options were completely different.

I suggest that you start with a d/l of glucas and run the configure script. I can post the compiler options I've used along with the yeafft_defines.h and a small code change to glucas later today. I will also post my version of phrot source.

One major different between phrot and LLR is that phrot does not save intermediate results. If you stop a test in the middle, you will have to redo the entire test when you restart.
Okay. I already had a copy of the latest version of phrot as found here in the forum, which I'd noticed doesn't save the intermediate results as you said--I was wondering whether that was one of your "small modifications" that you made, I guess not.

Anyway, though, thanks for the tips--I'll be sure to do all then as soon as you can send me the source for phrot.
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