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Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
Could you please email me your Core 2 Duo-optimized version of phrot? My email address is bugmesticky AT googlemail DOT com (yes, googlemail not gmail--I figured I'd clear that up at the start since people have gotten confused with that before. It's actually just an alternate domain for Gmail that I, for some wacky reason, was assigned an address from.).


P.S.: Your build of phrot for Core 2 Duo, is it by any chance a Linux build? I'd actually prefer a Linux build, as my Core 2 Duo runs Ubuntu, though a Windows build would be find, if that's all you've got.
I have found that compiler options vary depending upon the OS and version of gcc. I built the one I'm using with gcc 4 on MacIntel. I have also built with gcc 3.3 under Cygwin, but haven't timed that build. The compiler options were completely different.

I suggest that you start with a d/l of glucas and run the configure script. I can post the compiler options I've used along with the yeafft_defines.h and a small code change to glucas later today. I will also post my version of phrot source.

One major different between phrot and LLR is that phrot does not save intermediate results. If you stop a test in the middle, you will have to redo the entire test when you restart.
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