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Default partial look and look: all

if we wonder: twin system how like randomize, how different randomize?

please take two randomize integer in this range:

int(exp(44))-44^8 to int(exp(44))+44^8.

and look: two integer, same time primes than count=count+1

44^8 times loop please.

question: count=~?

answer: count * 2,64 =~ twin prime count.

question: twin prime system how different randomize test system?

answer: if we look partial test result: twin system different randomize test?

for example: randomize test may be sometimes: 1e5 times no appear same time two prime:

but twin system: sequantial 1e5 integer no twin imposible,

because: maximal twin gap < 44*44*44/1,32032=~64518

ln( exp(44)+44^8 )=44,00000109311=~44

so, if we look all integers in the range: twin gap > 65000 integers imposible!

but 100000 sequantial randomize, same time no appear two prime may be posible, sometimes!

quesion: twin prime system how like randomize test system?

answer: if we look all test result: twin system count near randomize test*2,64
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