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Originally Posted by Citrix View Post
Is someone able to modify srsieve to sieve for (((((((((((((((((1*2^1+1)*2^1+1)*2^2+1)*2^1+1)*2^5+1)*2^1+1)*2^1+1)*2^29+1)*2^3+1)*2^37+1)*2^31+1)*2^227+1)*2^835+1)*2^115+1)*2^7615+1)*2^6071+1)*2^218431+1)*2^n+1?
I think your best bet might be to modify mtsieve adding a fixed k sieve with k being a gmp number.
Your runtime might be dominated though by calculating k % p as that is a very large k. Whatever you do I don't think it is going to be overly fast.

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