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OMG. We have blown away over half the file that I sent already! I think it's already handing out k=1029 or 1031. I only sent up to k=1049.

David, I'm going to sent you a file over 3 times as big. The last file was k=1005-1049. The next one will be k=1051-1199. After that depending on the continued response, I'll send them in k=200 ranges, which will be 4 times as big as first file that I sent you. I'll try to make them last a week.

Karsten is right, this drive is better for slower machines but personally, I don't care as long as David's server can handle it. If people want to slay this range quickly, let's do it!

Yes, we will have a lot of results to match up but that's no big deal. We'll get it taken care of in good time.

Due to the huge response to these low n-ranges, I will keep my cores off of it unless it starts to wane.

Max, let's plan on processing the results on 100 k's at a time for this drive; perhaps even 200 k's. Otherwise we'll be doing them about every 1-2 days. lol


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