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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
Yes, it probably would be best to save port 8000 for the 350K-500K range since, after all, it is port 8000, for the 8th drive...probably would make most sense to keep it there.

Maybe port 9000 would work for the 50K-200K range? (Or is that port not available on Linux machines? In that case feel free to pick anything else that's open.)

Also, keep in mind that G8000 is still sitting around awaiting work--we could always use that for one of the ranges. Either that, or we could just keep it around as a secondary server for any of the drives if needed.

I'm confused. I'm aware that port 8000 is awaiting work. But should we save port 8000 for n=350K-500K as originally intended or run other ranges through it?...can't do both. lol
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