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Well...that was a quick change to #3. lol

Believe it or not, I was not trying to influence people, which is why I didn't officially vote at first. I just wanted to let everyone know the facts of how things would go.

We could potentially do n=200K-350K by k-value also, which is why I wanted to stop the n=200K-210K range but we can have a team discussion about that also when the sieving is done and even if we want to start it at that point. Having n=50K-200K, 200K-350K, and 350K-500K running all at once will be quite an effort and may spread the resources a bit thin so we may want to wait until n=50K-200K is done to start n=200K-350K since both are non-top-5000 ranges.

I'll be on for another hour or so, will be out for 10-12 hours, and then back on for a couple of hours. I'll wait for more opinions if people want to give them. If I see no more votes for the first 2 choices, I'll get the drive set up at that time or effectively early Tuesday morning U.S.

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