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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Is there interest in a pre-beta version of 30.9 that uses a GMP-ECM-like stage 2? It's been working and pretty stagnant for a month, but as with the 30.8 pre-beta there is a long way to go before it's ready for prime time.
First reactions:
You know it. If you build it, users will come. Whatever the next new or improved feature is. Happens every time.
Really, we've become quite accustomed over the decades, to you finding more ways to wring even more out of available hardware. Thanks again.
Not needing the prime95/gmp-ecm shuffle or gmp-ecm alone would be convenient and welcome.
Personally I'd like to see handling proof files on the server for p > 596M get automated to conserve your time for such other creativity. (Maybe a single karatsuba implemented length just there. 64M words via 3 x 32M fft, leveraged from 596M up to 1G+ exponent for proof processing on server.) But as always, your time your call.
Handling the "I want to change the proof residues location midflight without manually stopping the program and moving the residues file beforehand" case would be nice and surely save some otherwise lost proofs. Save us mortal users from our own lack of foresight.
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