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Default ECM users - version 30.9 (see post#74)

I've been very slow at writing new code lately -- summertime I guess.

Is there interest in a pre-beta version of 30.9 that uses a GMP-ECM-like stage 2? It's been working and pretty stagnant for a month, but as with the 30.8 pre-beta there is a long way to go before it's ready for prime time.

Interestingly, in my limited testing it seems that, unlike P-1, B2 > ~1000 * B1 does not make sense. You are better off running more curves or increasing B1. In some situations, prime95 elects not to use all the available memory -- this will mean the default MaxHighMemWorkers setting might need to change.

BTW, the first and only success thusfar is here: 909107
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