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Default Changing preferences bug (newb)

Hi folks,

I encountered an odd glitch that causes current work to be stopped and removed from worktodo.txt. I run Prime95 version 29.4 build 8, on a Core 2 Duo T6600. I set Worker #1 to do P-1 factoring, and Worker #2 to do first-time PRP tests. Worker #1 started doing a matching double-check, and Worker #2 started on a PRP test.

A a week later, I changed Worker #2's preference to PRP on Mersenne cofactors. I was under the impression that it would finish the current PRP test first. However, when my computer contacted the server, it suddenly stopped the double-check and PRP test, deleted them from the worktodo, and started P-1 and PRP on Mersenne cofactor work.

I brought the Double-Check and PRP Test back by copying their worktodo entries from the assignments page to worktodo.txt, but I may have lost progress on the PRP test due to it being overwritten by the new PRP test.

Is this a bug or intended behavior?
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