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I am closing to finishing the first set of changes. Most of these changes support the refactoring of the GPU logic to support both OpenCL and Metal abstractly. In other words, the Worker won't know if the underlying kernel is running in OpenCl or Metal.

The only sieve that is broken right now is the multi-sequence GPU sieve for srsieve2cl. The single sequence one works fine. I did find a slowdown in the framework with the GPU kernel for single sequence sieving in srsieve2cl. I've added a command line switch for that kernel that can improve the speed by 50% over the previous build. This same change will probably benefit gfndsievecl, but it will have to wait.

Some of the sieves (not GPU) will compile and run on M1 out of the box since they don't rely on x86 asm. More will have such support (not GPU) with the upcoming release.

Once the current set of changes is working, I will commit all of my changes and post new Windows builds. Then comes the next fun part of the Metal support that started this whole thing.
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