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Originally Posted by LOBES View Post
I hope you didn't take my post as a criticism in any way, quite the opposite. I am greatly appreciative of GPU72 and PrimeNet/GIMPS and really enjoy participating! I keep trying to crack the top #50 overall worker's list, but am stuck at 51. I'll get in there eventually.
And I hope you didn't take my post as being critical in any way either. That was just me talking to the Universe...

The point I was /trying/ to make is, in many cases, once one steps forward it is often an ongoing obligation. From just writing some code and then maintaining it (including remembering to renew the certificates in a timely manner...) to adopting a kitten and then keeping it safe...

It's all good (and rewarding). But it does take some effort!

P.S. I happened to come across something on Colab which is kinda cool. I'm putting together a demonstration that I think is going to blow people's minds. Hint: Think entirely self-contained reverse tunnels; no need to reflect off of a public-facing server...
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