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Default Freezing during first test on all 3 options


Athlon XP 2100+
Abit KX7-333
768mb Mushkin PC2700 Blue (2 sticks, 1 256 1 512)
Radeon 8500
Hitachi Deskstar 160gb
350W PS(I think its Sparkle)

Basically, for months now my computer will run fine for a week or two and then it will revert to random freezing. What I do to solve the problem is switch the sticks of RAM around on the motherboard, moving them from slot to slot, and then it'll work again for another week or two until it decides it wants to freeze again. Freezing doesnt reboot me, it literally just freezes the screen and mouse and a loud constant beep will come out of the speakers if any sound is in the background while this happens, be it a game or music. It is usually during games or when I am switching between a few very very large mp3 files, indicating possibly a memory issue. Buuut, my RAM passes Mushkins memtest86 on both the standard and extended tests flawlessly, for hours on end. So I downloaded Prime95 today and it freezes me almost instantly, within 5-10seconds on either of the 3 avaible torture tests. Just looking for opinions on what it could be, although it is obviously narrowed down to RAM CPU or Mobo. I don't really think it's the RAM but I am open to all opinions. Thanks in advance guys
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