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Wow. This drive is so much easier administratively splitting up the k-ranges in this manner. Later today or tomorrow, I'll just have to remove the 88 k's found prime so far from n=40K-100K and I'll be able to post k=100M-150M for n=40K-50K. The key is that I can do it at a much more leasurely pace and only need to do it on one file at a time.

Note to all: We won't post any files at higher n-ranges until lower files for the same k-range are complete. For example, I won't post k=150M-175M for n=40K-50K until Tim is done with the same for n=25K-40K but I will post k=100M-150M for n=40K-50K as I get time. That removes all confusion. If the demand becomes too great with multiple people wanting files, I'll just increase the n-ranges in the files so that people have to take longer to complete them -or- if there are more than 4 people wanting files, I can split the files into smaller k-ranges and even larger n-ranges. The key is that people aren't searching files where others have or are likely to find primes at lower n-ranges for k's that are in their file. It works well all the way around.

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