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Beyond memory requirements there’s also the credits requirements and badge requirements. Everything is related, in the beginning Greg wanted to credit more for the app using more memory (and higher difficulty jobs) the 16e, but when you guys started to run 32-bit jobs with higher lims on the 14e all started to fall apart, that’s when the complains started.

Badge lower granularity is also a problem, it is impossible for comum mortals to achieve them, only with computer farms.

Regarding memory requirements what I’m seeing is that the number of cores increase is not
followed by more RAM per core. It’s stalled to 2GB/core, so I would say you could at the limit double the memory requirements as they are now stated on the projects details. I would suggest the following but it is better to request Greg to query the database to see what’s the average memory available per core.

-d version to 0.75 GB
-e version to 1.25 GB
-f version to 1.75 GB

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