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Originally Posted by SethTro View Post
For the smaller kernels in mfaktc you have access to the residual, for the larger kernels the residual is not always computed and we'd need a 2nd proof functions which will be similar but won't directly minimize residual but some other intermediate product (e.g. lower 32 bits of residual)
OK... For my edification, how "deep" into the GPU compute results does your proposal go? As in, would this be useful for catching unreliable GPUs (presumably, only after doing a second run, and not seeing the same residue)?

The question many will ask is it worthwhile to do this? A missed factor doesn't really impact GIMPS much (and certainly won't result in a missed MP). But I think there may be some interest in this ability (if it isn't too computationally expensive -- the second runs could be a random distribution).
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