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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
I don't have the time (nor knowledge) to drill down further on your proof-of-concept efforts (of a proof-of-work mechanism). But it sounds interesting.

There would be real value in being able to use mfakt[c|o] for ongoing sanity checking of GPU "kit"*. Even if it requires doing another TF run, some might "opt-in" doing this kind of work. It would be fine if it was run on the same users' GPU(s), since this isn't MP stuff, just (largely) no factors found of MP candidates.

It would be relatively trivial to expand the data stream from mfakt* to include the checksum. A simple parsing change on Primenet, and one additional table or field.

Has anyone with the requisite skillset had a look at this yet?
I worked on this for like a month but there wasn't interest from other people.

It's ~80% done
* I modified mfaktc to return one of the smaller residuals it found.
* I output the new proof of work line
* James may even have implemented part of verification on the server

M59068201 proof_k(8940824503190951977): 29 bits [TF:60:64:mfaktc 0.21 75bit_mul32_gs]
which can be verified by checking

let residual = pow(2, 59068201, 8940824503190951977) = 422536362
let confidence = log10(tests / P) - log10(K / residual)
in this case confidence = log10(2^63 / 59068201) - log10(8940824503190951977 / 422536362) = 0.86

I calculated the distribution of confidence somewhere. I think the outcome was mean 0.5 and 99.9% of the time confidence < 5, you can also store confidence from many submissions and make sure it averages < 1.

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