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No special tips, just be patient and sieve for a while before starting LLR. It's hard to give concrete advice but for example for n=200-500k sieve at least for 48 hours or to 500bn whatever comes first. It is possible to force cpu affinity (I assume it's a dual box, unless you have those cool 4-way?) using Task Manager (in Windows) but I never do that. This can also degrade performance, try it but check the speed. I just found by searching Top-5000 that this k was checked by Herranen back in 1998-99 most likely to n=70k. Looks good, there is a Sophie-Germain prime 736320585*2^6194-1.

I'm sorry about that. Joss marked some k's in the low-weight table as being reserved by "Riesel sieve" but obviously he missed this one. Please check their site next time.
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