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Originally Posted by VBCurtis
Proth appears to cap k at 2^31, and when I run LLR on the output file from NewPGen, it only spits back the first line of the input file. What am I doing wrong?
you must factorize k's larger than 2^32 your NewPGen output should like like this after sieving to p=1000000

ABC 3*5*11*11*13*331*487*2^$b-1 //NewPGen:1000000:M:0:2:322
1 2
1 3
1 4
You must transform it to run LLR test.
It should look like this

3803443215 2
3803443215 3
3803443215 4
Originally Posted by VBCurtis
Separate question: I remembered reading something about it being faster to just LLR small n's, rather than sieving them; I pulled the small n out of the sieve, then restarted it. It appears to have restarted sieving at p=2, even though the top line of the file showed p=2 billion (roughly) at last save. Is there some paramater to alter when you pull part of a sieve file to prevent it starting over?

Finally, can I force LLR to test primality (PRP, I think, since k>2^n) for the really small cases of n? Say, less than 1500. I tried Proth for this, discovering the apparent 2^31 limit.

Am I just better off picking a k smaller than 2^31 and restarting?
the new LLR will trial factor the small n's where k>2^n. You can test these first. Then sieve the rest.
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