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I know for a fact that the stop on prime works for the new version of Linux PFGW. I haven't tried it with the new version of WinPFGW.

Max and Karsten, I think there may be a miscommunication based on the two lines that Karsten displayed.

Karsten, it should stop processing that k-value for all future occurrences in the file but should continue processing the file for all other k's. That's what's so cool about PFGW. The two lines that you displayed have different k-values. I guess my question is: Why have you showed lines for 2 different k-values? It doesn't demonstrate the problem that you appear to be talking about.

Also, please note what Max said. If you stop and restart PFGW, it won't remember what k-values it has found primes for. You'll need to manually remove them from the sieve file. Personally, I never stop it. I just pick the range that I want and let it rip until it's done. But you have to plan your work amount carefully ahead of time.

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