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Originally Posted by garo View Post
lycorn, the third possibility is what most likely happened in your case. Unfortunately your suggestion of what to do in this case conflicts with the GIMPS philosophy of never turning down a completed result. Your result should have been accepted and you should have been given credit since you were a legitimate assignee. However, I don't see how the waste of resources can be avoided unless GIMPS can somehow tell your prime95 client to stop working on the exponent as soon as someone else returns a DC on your assignment. Even then, some people might not be pleased to have say a 95% complete assignment be kicked out and them being deprived of the credit. No easy solution here. Also, occasional triple-checks are useful for GIMPS as they provide error rate data that can be useful.
I've got an idea: when a matching DC is returned on a candidate that is already assigned, set a flag on that assignment so that the next time Prime95 communicates the status on that assignment, PrimeNet tells it to stop and report its percent completion, then give partial credit based on that percentage. (e.g. if you're at 90%, and the credit would be 14, give 14*.9=12.6) (or, if it's reporting that it's complete, check that the reported residue matches the other two residues and give full credit, or whatever it normally does if you report a result that ends up not matching)

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