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Default Useless DC assignment

I started testing (DC) yesterday the exponent 21759931.
Today I checked its status on the server and I found that it had already been successfully DCed. It appears as assigned to me, though.
Now the funny bit:
There is one result submitted by one user, with no date.
And a matching result submitted by a second user on the 5th of September, 2009.
The exponent was assigned to me on the 17th of June 2009, included in a bunch that I have been testing.
The result with no date must have been the 1st time LL test, done before v5 went online (that´s why there is no date). This means that either the exponent was assigned to me while it was being tested by the second user, or it was assigned to him while it was being tested by me. It was a goood thing that I checked the status, otherwise the work would be lost. Now this is not the kind of thing I (and I reckon the majority of the users) do on a regular basis. Normally I am given an exponent to test and don´t care to check its status on the server.
There is, I think, a third possibility: the second user let the exponent expire, and submitted the result at a later date.
I think this should be looked into. If someone lets an exponent expire, and said exponent is reassigned to someone else, then the original assignee should no longer be allowed to submit the result, because it´s frustrating for the new assignee to complete the test and receive the "exponent not needed" message, and no credit for the work.
Any thoughts?
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