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Originally Posted by tnerual View Post
and i will start killing those stupid base by 1 million k chunks ... (will plan that with Gary when reaching my goal)

I have a little 'secret' project I've been working on for ~2-3 weeks on a single core of my work laptop.

I have already been searching Sierp base 3. Base 3 is a VERY prolific prime base, which is one reason that the conjectures are so high. k's are dropping in rapid fashion at low n-levels. But with more than 10^15 of them, it might take a little while!

Bases 7 and 15, I have no desire to tackle those for now. They take far longer to test at same n-level. You can have those if you want them. I agree that they must be tackled in k=1M chunks. Although base 3 on 2-3 high-speed cores could easily be tackled in k=10M chunks.

You know what I think the most difficult base to eliminate k's on is? Base 25! Look at how tough base 5 for that project! The conjecture on Riesel base 5 and 25 is the same and for Sierp, it's much higher on base 25! Base 25 will be UGLY!! I think k's will drop much faster on bases 3, 7, and 15 and even with more than 10^14 k's on all, I think they will be more fun to hack away at.

I'll report my status on Sierp base 3 when I reach k=2M. I'll be there this weekend. You'll be amazed by the few # of k's remaining. I'll then update the web pages to reflect the info.


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