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Yeah, I see what you mean. Hey you know, maybe PrimeGrid could be really helpful for the bases with huge conjectures, such as base 3 and base 7.
not really for those base ... the problem with those base is that you have to remove a lot of k with small n ... and it's time consuming ... (not per test but due to to the large amount of test)

for my k*31^n+1 i'm at n=5000 and one test take only 9 sec on my centrino duo 1600 ...
but i only have 3000 k left (starting with 6M) ...

with boinc, you can't send workunit that take less than 10 seconds (if you don't want to crash your server ... and to spare bandwith) so we have to "manually" test every base up to n=5000 before sending them to boinc (and that's with k=31, not with k=3) ...

boinc processing is there to help kill high n primes (one test evry 2 day is not a problem with a lot of contributors, you keep a good pace of testing) or to do boring task as double check ('cause people don't care about primes, they care about boinc points)

when i will reach n= 10000 on my k, i will release it and send all files to Gary, and i will start killing those stupid base by 1 million k chunks ... (will plan that with Gary when reaching my goal)
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