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I could potentially welcome PrimeGrid in the future when we get past n=~2M base 2 on SOME powers-of-2 bases and past ~250000 digits on many other bases. Sierp base 4 is a possibility now but I wouldn't consider giving it up with so few k's remaining. Since the Sierp base 4 project put the Sierp base 4 k's near n=2 million, I'd like to see us take it to at least to 3 million before considering outside help.

The proof of some of the conjectures, even for bases <= 32 will last 100's/1000's of years even assuming doubling of computer speeds every 18 months-2 years, which I think is unlikely to continue indefinitely. Some may have a prime for their final k far in excess of n=1 billion; some may be in excess of n=1 trillion. Heck, Riesel Sieve may last 100's of years all by itself. Hence monsterous DC efforts will be needed on them.

That is unless we can come up with some grand new mathematical method for testing them or narrowing down where primes might be much more likely.


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