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FWIW Mike, here is something weird I noticed with a Radeon VII last year.
The system I put it in was "inexpensive" but it's been ok for other top-line cards I've run in it.
The Radeon was a totally different story. The OS is Windoze 10.
It would operate OK doing mundane tasks but as soon as I started GPUOWL, BIF ! POW ! ZAP !
Nothing in the log to indicate causes and 1 time only, out of several attempts, I did notice that the machine time had changed, but I never associated that with a bios problem.
I "fixed" it by setting the power factor in MSI Afterburner all the way up, which I think was +20. ( percent? ). I believe I also set the temp limit to max. Anyway, that did the trick.

My only guess is that this might juice the available power via the PCIE bus for the card; these cards are known to be power hungry.

Anyway, at least it's cheap and easy to test.

BTW, I had not touched voltage or clock.

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