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If you run linux, download and build CADO-NFS.

If you run windows, you'll want Yafu and the programs it calls. Yafu is an organizer of the NFS tasks; it runs the 3 phases of the job I mentioned before by calling other specialized programs for each part. Msieve does the first and last step, while GGNFS (also known as lasieve-4) does the long sieving step. Yafu also manages the settings needed to feed GGNFS.

When you've got software running, I suggest starting a post in the "factoring" subforum to track your learning, the better for a future new factorer to discover and learn from! It's nice to start with a GNFS job around 100 digits, which take less than an hour even on a slow old laptop. 4GB is enough memory to learn the software and do jobs up to GNFS-155 digits or so (which would take 10-14 days on an old quad-core). We can show you where to grab such small 'practice' numbers once you're ready to get going.
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