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What you've got there is nearly exactly my HP Z620 workstation. They go for about $1000 on ebay in similar configuration (though not with dual 4TB drives, more like a 1TB or 750GB).

I'd trust a used HP for quality and component durability over building my own, especially if I could save $300ish doing so. I've run a Z600 (sandy bridge generation, 6-core per socket max) for about 3 years now, and the Z620 has run for 2 yrs.
Thank you for the recommendation. I would personally rather build it myself, but if I can find a good enough deal, then I will probably get one. I have pretty specific things I am looking for in a system though, (extra RAM, more disk space) so I may stick with a custom system if I cannot find any decent deals for other PCs.

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