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Bios reset is very weird, that and the USB over-current you mentioned makes me think there's a power issue, either a spike or the draw through the PCIe slot is wrong somehow. If it's bad enough to do a bios reset it could be bad enough to damage hardware if you trigger it too much, I don't blame you for washing your hands of it. There's two bios available for the card, the bios is signed so cannot be modified but do you recall which bios versions the cards had?

The settings resetting every work unit, if it is a problem in general, is workable depending on what you mean by work unit. In Linux you can change the settings via script (assuming that's plumbed in for big navi), not ideal but you could interleave work with setting resets. Hanging when queuing might be an issue of poor cleanup of a job putting the card in a bad state, on R7 you can run two jobs simultaneously but trying to run a third compiles but doesn't run the job (the job appears to hang as gpuowl presumably tries to submit the job to the card and doesn't get told the job is in limbo).
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