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Originally Posted by nitf View Post
Clear and succinct, just the way I like it. :)
FFT size is, roughly speaking, the level of precision for the main calculation loop in the program. The precision needed is determined by the size of the number being operated on; the program has been optimized and tested such that the FFT chosen is reliable, but the next-smaller one introduces unacceptable chances of error in the calculation.

So, you can go *bigger* FFT and the calculation works, but you can't go smaller.

As for your conclusion about your CPU- yes. If your BIOS allows you to take axn's advice, you can get a little more speed out of it (perhaps without adding much or any wattage). Prime95's performance is mostly limited by how fast it can get data (memory and cache bandwidth), rather than how fast the chip computes the data (clock speed of CPU).
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