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First performance-tweak I tried was fiddling with the onboard-memory frequency. The mobo User Manual uses a quite stupid scheme for indicating submenu levels, right arrows of slightly differing sizes rather than section/subsection numbering. So to get to the

Advanced Setup Configurations -> Chipset Configuration -> North Bridge -> Memory Configuration

Inside that rightmost submenu, I set the Enforce POR option to Disable (the only options were "Enforce POR" and "Disable"; the Enforce Stretch Goals" option cited in the manual was not listed.) Next I set Memory Frequency from its default "Auto" - nowhere did I see what actual clock setting that yielded - to the highest available, 2400, then rebooted. There is a related MemTest (Memory Test) option, for which we read "Select Enabled to enable memory testing during system boot. The options are *Enabled* and Disabled", so that is on by default and presumably we got at least a basic mem-test during boot. Fired up Mlucas to resume the 64-threaded F30 continuation run, waited for next checkpoint ... no change in timings. So it seems "Auto" was already setting the onboard-mem to the max displayed value of 2400.
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