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I found some useful perforated-metal-sheet product listings here, but those are building-supply-oriented, few fine-mesh ones, but possibly a few usable. Per my measurement the precise side-panel WxH = 14" x 12 7/16" (35.6 x 31.6 cm), can you confirm/deny those dimensions?

Some fine steel woven filter mesh, the kind one puts over vent to keep bugs out, might also suit, but most I've seen via cursory search has max dimension <= 12". Perhaps something like this, or even a perforated baking mat cut to size and stretched over the side opening.


One last theme of interest re. KNL setup: exploring overclocking the CPU and/or onboard memory, and disabling the power-saving/auto-throttling modes, to boost performance.

I've made the mobo manual for the Hydra workstation available here (10.6MB). BIOS setup is Chapter 7, very long and detailed.

The key sections and settings for performance-tweaking appear to be (default settings noted with **):

[pg 7-6] CPU Configuration: Lots of stuff there, main items of interest appear to be frequency settings and power-saving/auto-throttling modes *enable*/disable.

[pg 7-13] Memory Configuration
o Enforce POR
Select Enforce POR to enforce the onboard memory DIMM modules to operate and run at the frequency and voltage as specified by the Intel POR specifications. The options are *Enforce POR*, Disabled and Enforce Stretch Goals.
o Memory Frequency
Use this feature to set the maximum memory frequency for onboard memory modules. The options are *Auto*, 1600, 1867, 2133, and 2400.
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