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My temp & turbo reports were also with the motherboard-side cover off. Two fans draw air through the big radiator above them.
The lines from block on the cpu to radiator cross through the space where gpus would reside, so any gpu squeezed in there would need to be a low profile type, like the 2GB RX550 I have, or there would be mechanical interference. Mine also has the unusual power supply dimensions Ernst describes, and the physical mounting is unimpressive, involving 2 screws at one end and a zip tie at the other that still leaves it a big wiggly.

Does the new Mlucas P-1 code support only Fermats, or also Mersennes?
When will the new code be available for others to use?

Mlucas on CentOS: 170ms/iter x four 16-thread instances of 64M fft length corresponds to 4 x 1000 / 170 = 23.53 iters/sec throughput on 64 of the 68 cores. (At what average clock rate?)

Prime95 on Windows 10 at the same 64M fft length benchmarked as 25.37 iters/sec throughput on all 68 cores. Straight line interpolating down to 64 cores would give 22.15 iters/sec, which is probably a bit pessimistic.The indicated throughput Mlucas vs. prime95 is within 8%, one way or the other.

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