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Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
Part of it is that missing leading . in my input - suggest you add some kind of basic user-input parsing which indicates unrecognized input format, and only activates the buttons when the input is 'legal'. I retried with .4-1, it indeed auto-filled x^4-1 in the entry field, but clicking 'factor' still gives same as before, both 'evaluate' and 'factor' widgets go gray, and things hang until I click 'stop'. This is FF on Mac - I suspect you have some Windows-only stuff going on in your JS. Do you have ready access to a non-Win machine?
The problem is that 4-1 is legal, because the parser converts that to 3. You can enter any polynomial expression, as explained in the help that you can read by expanding the "accordions". The trick using the dot (coefficient dot exponent) is optional and it makes a lot faster to enter the polynomials especially in mobile devices.

With respect to the second part, my code does not know what operating system is running. It uses Javascript and WebAssembly. Maybe you have not enabled WebAssembly in your plugin.

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