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Originally Posted by ThomRuley
I'm pretty sure I won't be able to finish my range in three weeks, so I'll simply turn in 26.35-26.4 to someone with a faster computer that can do that range to 62 bits. However, I'm sure I can finish 26.3-26.35 in the next week or so. I'll give results to George when done.
Because we are talking actually about the whole 26M range (all ranges above 26.5M now available) it would be nice if you could finish as much as possible, ie. before June 15th (TF will then drop below 1000 exponents). So please check if you can maybe finish up to 26.36 or 23.37M by mid of June, we do need any power reserve for some bigger ranges above 26.5M.
Please check also the new nofactor file, there are about 90 exponents around 26.345 already at 62 bit, but the rest is unfortunately still at 59 bit.
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