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Default EcmClient.exe with Icons

Even cooler the freeware program Resource Hacker allowed me to add the ElevenSmooth icon directly to ecmclient.exe. You, too, can download this ElevenSmooth iconized version of ecmclient.exe. Now the ElevenSmooth icon shows up in Windows Explorer (including "My Computer" and "My Network") with the listing for ecmclient.exe, and it shows up with any shortcut made directly from this, and it shows up on the status bar when I run the program.

Do you think I should put this version in our standard download package? One argument against this is that ecmclient is a generic program useable with any ecm server, not just ElevenSmooth. I'm leaning towards doing it, but adding a section in the FAQ about where to get a version without icons and how to change the icon to one of your choosing. What do you think?
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