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Default Icons, including favicons, for ElevenSmooth

I think I've got favicons working on the ElevenSmooth site. Favicons are the small icons that show up on the location bar, the tabs (for Netscape/Mozilla) and the bookmark files. If it doesn't show for you, you may need to flush the cache of temporary internet files - refreshing a page usually doesn't refresh the favicon.

I've also got a set of larger icons that can be associated with shortcuts on your desktop and menu. To get the icon file, save this link as "ElevenSmooth.ico" , probably in the same directory as the ecmclient program. (Don't worry if your browser displays garbage - save it anyway). If you don't yet have a shortcut for the ecmclient program, select ecmclient.exe, right click and select "Send to Desktop". Then select the shortcut icon on the desktop and right click for "properties", then click on "Change Icon" and browse to the previously saved ElevenSmooth.ico

Let me know if you have trouble getting this to work. I'm going to experiment with including the icons and a shortcut in the zip file.
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