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Sieving for 300<k<400 for n=260K-600K has completed. Drive 3 will start late Friday/early Saturday for the new k-range.

The big file is now prepared and ready. We will be sending a large top-5000 range to IronBits for his new LLRnet server after doing some calculations as to how much will be needed for ~2 weeks including a rally. We'll also post some n=2K files for individual reservations.

This will be an exciting range to process. With < 1/6th as many k's, we'll progress quickly upwards until we catch up with drive 1.

The intent for ~1-3 weeks is to have 3 servers running until drive 2 is complete. One will be processing ranges at n=~340K, another at n=~370K, and the other at n=~290K. So there will be many flavors of primes to search for!

Sieving for 300<k<400 for n=600K-1M is continuing...ETA is mid-late March.

Edit: The drive has started!


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