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Originally Posted by garambois View Post
Ok, the database is updated.

Here you can access the updated database for the year 2021 :

Edwin, I haven't compared our two lists, just the beginning and the end, we seem to have the exact same lists !
My program only found the two broken aliquot sequences 1750944 and 2796840 and gave me the index 1068 for both.
I removed the bad C80s for these two sequences and put yours instead.
Excellent! I will do a full comparison soon, just to see if it all verifies.

As you noted for 1750944, 2796840 also has the correct info in the Blue Page listing. I'm going to try to force an update of those two on the Blue page and see what happens. 1750944 was last checked on 01/06/2021 but 2796840 was as recent as 02/09/2021.
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