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Default Why don't we occasionally manually submit progress reports for long-duration manual primality tests?

There's currently no way to do that.
This is a CUDALucas console output line:
|  May 19  20:00:49  |  M49602851  30050000  0x05c21ef8e9eac8b2  |  2688K  0.15625   2.0879  104.39s  |     11:15:47  60.58%  | does not understand it.
Done processing:
* Parsed 1 lines.
* Found 0 datestamps.

GHz-days Qty Work Submitted Accepted Average 0 - all - 0.000
  • Did not understand 1 lines.
  • Recognized, but ignored 0/0 of the remaining lines.
  • Skipped 0 lines already in the database.
  • Accepted 0 lines.
There's no way to report progress of a gpu-based manual primality test or lengthy P-1 factoring run or long TF run, so from the primenet server's point of view, progress remains at 0.0%. This means sometimes they prematurely expire. It would be useful if the manual results processing script would accept progress reports in CUDALucas console output form as in the example above, even if it was limited to accepting reports with iteration counts that were multiples of 1M or 10M. See also
Accepting gpuowl progress records would also be very useful.

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