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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
So, you targeted the specific exponents guessed. Big whoop!
You haven't bothered to make a guess in this thread. Your other 2 posts have been asking for help because you have had mis-matches. Why do you think that your results are valid? Do you think that the list that we have in this thread are magic exponents?

And BTW, your potshots at the exponents do not invalidate them as good guesses.
Your reaction is very odd.

All the mismatches he posted have been verified good, except for 79961303 which is 80% of the way through a triple check.

Christoph Zenger has turned in about 150 LL results over the years, and the vast majority are already verified good double-checks. There are about six bad results, all of which were from 2017 and earlier.

There is no rule against testing the exponents posted here, and no particular reason to think that these first-time results will be invalidated by double checks.
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