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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
That last 'rule' in the original post was add for M52, because your guesses were buried in the M51 thread, like this time. Last time your 'Ballpark' column almost got entered as your guesses. Post them clearly and apart from how you derived them or other discussion.
I thought labeled columns were perfectly clear, and still do. Note, in both the M51 and M52 case entries by me, the ballpark computed values rounded to EVENS for b and c. Which can't possibly produce primes since the resulting Mersenne numbers will be divisible by 3 (are repdigits in base 4). Rule 2 prohibits composite exponents as guesses.
Also took the time to carefully align the character cells in the code section this time, for ease of read/clarity, which does not just happen by itself when copy/paste from a spreadsheet is used. Plus the usual care in spelling and grammar.

I don't know what happened to the 5 I typed in "did not produce M1" that should read "did not produce M51"; not a moderator myself so can't go back and fix it now.

Guessing here, because I see a lot of variation in others' posts, without objection, that the preferred or required form is something like no more than about ten words of explanatory leading text, and one or more sets of
exponent_guess date_guess

"entered as your guesses" Entered as what, in what? If you're gathering them into a spreadsheet, it would make sense for the guesses to be formatted in our posts to make that easier, not harder. A space-separated table might be easiest.
(maybe a header line)
exp1 date1
exp2 date2
exp3 date3

Or perhaps:
username exp1 date1
username exp2 date2
username exp3 date3

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