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Originally Posted by pakaran View Post
I know what you mean, and because Primo is GUI, you can't just set up a master-worker architecture where one machine does all the fetching (and maybe stores already-assigned numbers in a hash table or something, to discard future duplicates).
Actually, I have automated the primo runs using xdotool in a script on each machine. The sticking point is that I can't figure out the db call to d/l 10k, 306dd candidates with a 12 way split.

Originally Posted by Stargate38 View Post
Maybe the 10k limit should be raised to 100k. EdH would then be able to download all the 306-digit entries at once, and you (pakaran) would be able to run a higher set of 100k certs (maybe 307 digits) without having to worry about work collisions.
I think if you looked a little closer you would find about 470k, 306dd entries and no 307s. With me running 306 and Pakaran running elsewhere, the only collisions currently occurring are probably from the random pulls.

Originally Posted by schickel View Post
One other possible workload split would be to do a full 10k download, than one person pull the "bottom" x% and the other the "top" x% based on filename (which is based on factordb id #); I used to do that when there wasn't much below the 3k dd limit: I would pull 1000 primes and do them in batches. that was I felt I was processing the primes that had been waiting the longest.
The splitting feature of the db would be my choice for an easier split and that's what I use to spread the candidates between my current machines.

My machines are running 10k in less than an hour. I'm able to interface more frequently than Pakaran, so I can get more runs per day. But, I'm not available all the time so there are longer periods, including not being able to link with my machines while I was out today due to laptop application failure.
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