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Originally Posted by pakaran View Post
If you would like to take the 306's, and I take everything over (through however high I go before more appear), that's fine. I suppose you could use FactorDB's multiple directories option to get (e.g.) 3k numbers to distribute to each of 3 machines, if they were of comparable speed.

As such, I'm uploading all the work I completed in the 306 dd numbers, and will start working upwards from 307.
Sounds like a workable idea. I have started ten machines, for now, with 1000 each. They aren't identical, but until bedtime I'll keep up with them. I do need to modify a couple scripts to make the assignments and collections easier. Then again, maybe I'll just collect a little less often than my other setup. I suppose a bright side might be how much of an increase in proven primes there will be from this. But, unfortunately, I see no real reason someone did this other than it being a "fun" experiment.
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