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Originally Posted by pakaran View Post
Incidentally, I'm somewhat annoyed with the quantity of these numbers that have showed up, especially since it looks like someone's just submitting 306 dd PRPs in sequence, which are almost at the point of being less trouble to generate than they are to download.
I would wonder if the certificate needs the original index to be accepted by the db, though. I am tied up ATM, but am looking for a way to help without duplicating your effort. If I can find a way to d/l only a set well above the lower bounds where you are working, I will add some help. Unfortunately, the db's limit of 10k doesn't help in this. By the time I would grab 10k and try to work only the upper half, you would be finished with the lower 4096 and downloading the same ones I'm working. Incidentally, I'm just becoming able to assign several machines back to the certificate task once again.

OTOH, since I can have a more timely direct control over my machines, would you rather I work the 306 dds and you take the others?

For now, I'll search for a way to d/l well above the lower bounds and see what I come up with.

Anyone else, feel free to add to this...
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