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*grumbles about imgur* - I've uploaded a few shots of the hardware here.

I have received several of the ssh keys from the other developers, I've also provisioned the external IP address and firewall and SSH. I should be able to get accounts setup tomorrow.

I have verified that the benchmarks we have so far actually are far from telling us how much power this beast has. I can confirm that prime95 benchmark is not creating the number of threads it claims to be. At 58 threads on 58 CPUs we actually have only 7 active threads. At 59 CPUs we actually only have 6 active threads.... (verified from proc/<pid>/tasks). By the 61 mark I only have 4 active threads. 62->3 threads, 63 claimed -> 2, and only one thread at 64. Once the full benchmark completes I will test with just 2048k to monitor this behavior across the entire

One things that appears to be behaving differently is the benchmarking code that starts busy threads on all cores during benchmarking (To prevent turbo boost from affecting results). When a benchmark starts all the cores do actually kick off threads, but most of the threads exit immediately. I compared this to my dual E5-2698 v3, which kept all 32 cores at 100% with active threads during the entire benchmark process.
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