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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
I can tell you exactly to few decimals for i7-2600k against one (or two or three) gtx580, just let me find a power meter somewhere in this office (which we should have, we produce some electronic stuff here, and I would need to ask for permission to take it home for a while, and I would plug it on the wall where my wheelbarrow is plugged. The wheelbarrow is the one with i7-2600k). For the other two CPU's i can't help, I wasn't so lucky to hold any of them in my fingers yet.
I would suggest the following test in case you have only one gtx580 installed on the i7-2600K machine:

1st: disable HT, measure power with machine idle (CPU idle and GPU idle)
2nd: disable HT, measure power output with 4 instances of LLR for CPU with one of the files from the k=5 reservation. Take note on the time done per candidate.
3rd: disable HT, measure power output with only the GPU running one instance of LLR. Take note on how much backup CPU (%) is used while the GPU is running and also take note on the time done per candidate.

Software can be found here:

In case you have the three cards in the machine put 2 into idle, and follow the steps behind. The final output power measured will contain the power of the two idle cards and it will be ~constant for the three tests.

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