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Originally Posted by tnerual View Post
here is the how to do for kubuntu ... (maybe it will not work but for me it worked)

-Make a text file in your LLRnet folder called "" that contains the following data:

Save the file and close your text editor. Open up a command window, navigate to your LLRnet folder, and type the command "sudo chmod +x". (enter your root password)
-Type the command "sudo crontab -e". (Make sure you run that command as whatever user you'd like to run LLRnet as.)
-You'll find yourself in a command-line text editor, probably nano. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the bottom of the file, and enter the following:

@reboot sh /home/yourname/Desktop/LLRNETfolder/
(my llrnet is on my desktop)
-Press Ctrl-X. Press the Y key, then press Enter. You will then be returned to the command prompt.
-You're all set! Repeat for each instance of LLRnet you want to run at bootup.

difference is :
sh ==> bash
sudo before commands
As for the sudo thing: Aha, I see now. I should have figured that in order to have something start at bootup, you'd need to put it in root's crontab.

As for sh vs. bash--hmm, I'm surprised you needed to change that. Usually either works fine (as just about every Linux system has sh installed, and almost as many have bash too), but hey, if it works, it works.
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